Case Study: Data Entry

The Client

OptionsOptions for Children in Zambia, a non-profit organization, partners with rural African communities to develop sustainable oral health initiatives and enhance quality of life. They work with local, provincial and national government agencies and non-government organizations to ensure their projects align with overarching community development goals.

The Challenge

As part of their annual oral health project in Zambia, Options entered dental screening information on paper. In order for the information to be valuable for program assessment, the data from the screening forms required entry into a database. The screening forms were filled out by hand and contained dental terminology, so accuracy was critical. Furthermore, due to regulations in the United States and Zambia, such as HIPAA compliance, the data needed to be anonymized and secured to assure confidentiality.

In the past, volunteers were tasked to transfer the information into the database. This required specialized training and a time commitment from their busy schedules with limited staff on hand. As a result, little time was left to analyze the results. As a non-profit, Options needed to find a cost-effective solution to manage the data efficiently to assess the impact of their efforts.

“We rely on limited funding, so we have to spend our money carefully. Impact Enterprises allowed us to be more time efficient while meeting our financial criteria.”

-Kerry Maguire, DDS, MSPH Co-Founder & Chair

The Solution

Impact Enterprises management held several meetings and calls with the Options team to fully understand the data collected and the procedures to be followed. Impact Enterprise is HIPAA compliant and was therefore able to advise Options how to bifurcate the database to protect the confidential data.

Working with the Options data engineer, a procedure was established that allowed for the surveys to be scanned, uploaded, and distributed to the Data Specialists for efficient and secure inputting. All data was double entered and discrepancies were rechecked to ensure proper entry. Throughout the process, Impact Enterprises’ management provided questions and feedback to Options so that mistakes were eliminated.

“Meeting the confidentiality requirements, including HIPAA, was necessary in order for us to outsource this work, so it was great that Impact was prepared for this extra step in the data procedure.”

The Impact

Over the course of two weeks, our team was able to input and check data from over 750 screening forms across over 60 data points. Our advice on the dataset allowed Options to improve the screening form and procedures so that future collection is clearer and richer.


The Impact Data Specialists were given a unique challenge throughout the project. The team gained hands-on experience handling large amounts of data and managing several database tools. Working with new terminology required them to think critically and collaborate to work effectively.

“This was an important step to assess the impact of the services Options is providing.”


Case Study: Research and Lead Generation

The Client:


Andela is the technology partner for mission-driven companies. Founded on the idea that brilliance is evenly distributed but opportunity is not, Andela aims to train 100,000 world-class software developers in Africa over the next 10 years. To do so, Andela has created a new model of education that funds itself through the work we do. With a 0.6% acceptance rate, Andela is the most selective tech training program in Africa and to date, no developer has ever been dropped by a client. In fact, 80% of clients have requested additional services within the first 6 months. Andela has been featured by Wired, CNN, and others, and the company is backed by top investors in Africa and North America, including the founders of Facebook, eBay, and AOL.

“Andela found a reliable, cost-effective
and fast partner in Impact Enterprises”
– Evan Johnson, Director of Partner Relations

The Challenge:
As Andela continued to grow, it needed a way to find more companies around the world that would be interested in the developers that they were training. To accomplish this, they were searching through open job postings that were hiring for the types of skills and positions that Andela had prepared their developers for. As Andela expanded that program over time, they needed a support company that would be able to incorporate their feedback and improve on it to find the best job opportunities possible.

The Solution:
Impact Enterprises coordinated with Andela to understand the specific criteria that matched their business model. Our team familiarized themselves with the skill requirements demanded by Andela and diverse job platforms in order to research and input hundreds of job listings. As listings were qualified by Andela, Impact Enterprises provided further research to profile the businesses. Based on our research, Andela was able to directly connect with these companies.
Throughout the project, Impact Enterprises management provided feedback to Andela on the search process and how to optimize methods. As their sales approach changed, our team adapted to new databases and created customized reports to meet Andela’s evolving needs.

“At that time, our needs were still evolving,
but Impact Enterprises was perfectly able
to adapt to us.”

The Impact:
Impact Enterprises looked through 1000s of job listings across the U.S. to identify the matching ones for over two dozen specific skill sets and was able to compile it to nearly 100 new qualified leads for Andela. The constant communication and feedback throughout both projects helped
Andela refocus their outreach approach and reconsider effective methods of expansion.

The various Andela projects employed 9 Data Specialists to support the various research projects. During the 4 months, they put in almost 600 hours of research. Our Data Specialists learned about new industries and collected data on markets they previously had no exposure to.

“Andela and Impact Enterprises have
the same core social mission:
train young talented people and give them
the opportunity to grow.”

Case Study: Social Media Management

The Client:

Our client is a digital marketing agency based in New York. They provide a full spectrum of marketing services such as web design and SEO, content marketing, PR, and social media management. Our client creates forward thinking and interconnected marketing campaigns with great impact on business results.


The Challenge:

The variety of service offerings provided by our client – specifically around social media – made it difficult to concentrate on their expanding client portfolio. Internal staff was forced to do time consuming tasks like social media management instead of concentrating on more strategic and creative work. Our client felt that they needed an additional team that could handle and oversee unique social media projects in a seamless way and in alignment to each brand they handle.

“Impact Enterprises helps us to focus
on what really matters:
providing great strategic and
creative solutions for our clients”
-CEO & Co-Founder

The Solution:

We approached our client at the right time and offered a flexible way of working together by offering a personalized solution for each of their projects. We familiarized ourselves with each of the individual clients and strategies across the different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instragram and quickly went to work managing their campaigns.

In addition to the pure management of social media campaigns, we were also tasked to research, collect, and suggest content that our client used for their outbound communications. To ensure and optimize quality, we generated daily progress reports so that our client could see the effect of our work and revised our methods based on their ongoing feedback.

“Impact Enterprises totally adapts to all of our needs and always comes up with good solutions”

The Impact:

Whether working directly on the social media platform or through third party apps, our Data Specialists helped boost user following, plan outreach timelines, and collect unique content. After 6 months, we were supporting 25 clients across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Our data specialists had the opportunity to work on marketing and social media related topics. They gained insight into how social media marketing at a digital marketing agency works. This proved to be a unique experience they would not be able get anywhere else in Zambia.

“We love to work with a
socially conscious company.
That’s what every brand should be like”

Case Study: Lead Generation & Content Management

MoveGB: Helping establishing a new generation of fitness & health offerings

The client:

MoveGB is a UK company providing membership options across a variety of health and fitness offerings, such as gyms, sports clubs, personal trainers, and activity clubs. They give their members the freedom to use various facilities within the MoveGB network without being restricted by a contract. Their goal is to help people lead a more active lifestyle.

The challenge

MoveGB had built an exciting service offering and were ready to quickly scale across the UK. In order for their members to gain value from their subscriptions, MoveGB needed to quickly partner with more health and fitness providers across the country to cover the demanded locations. This would mean researching and engaging thousands of businesses in dozens of cities across the country. As a start-up, their limited sales team simply couldn’t work fast enough to hit the growth targets desired.

“Impact Enterprises saved us 650 hours of research work. We would never have been able to do this amount of work in the same time frame on our own.”
– Justin Mendleton, Managing Director Move GB

The solution

Impact Enterprises was brought on to build out a pipeline of high quality partners as fast as possible. After an initial and successful pilot covering one city, MoveGB created a detailed schedule to target 60 additional locations throughout the UK for us to research local businesses. To provide MoveGB with the most accurate leads possible, we set up a careful review process to filter the lists base on their ongoing feedback.

MoveGB’s expansion led to a new challenge of inputting activity schedules from all the new partners into their platform. MoveGB was satisfied with the success of the previous work, and therefore decided to choose us for this on-going project.

“Impact Enterprises were very flexible to all our demands. They adapted to our schedule to identify leads and they perfectly worked directly into our user interface.”

The impact

We researched 6300 businesses in 61 locations in 7 weeks across the UK. Within 2 months, the total number of new partners increased by 50%. MoveGB has already rolled out to 8 cities and plans to be in 20 cities by the end of 2015.


We were able to assign 6 Data Specialists full time to the project. Over the course of 3 months, they gained unique research experience researching very specific and local information while handling large amounts of data.

“What Impact Enterprises does is great, they give smart people the opportunity to develop. It feels good to be part of it.”